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It’s been a few weeks now since offices have closed, clothing stores have shutdown, you can’t freely sit on a park bench or sit in your favourite café sipping on that smooth blend of barista-made coffee! Our lifestyles have drastically changed in the last few weeks, and quite frankly, the last few months. What we thought was a normal routine has been replaced by this ‘new normal’.

COVID-19 has uprooted all of our regular lifestyles of waking up early, getting the kids to school, driving to work, then driving back home 8 hours later to make dinner for the family. Instead, we’re probably all waking up a little later than usual, walking to the couch or kitchen table in our pyjamas to start work for the day, only to be distracted 15 minutes later by hungry bored kids or that pile of washing that’s begging you to fold it! Staying productive might not be your issue, but this productivity is most likely stemming from non-work-related jobs. Don’t stress too much though, cause we’ve got your back! We have researched the most successful ways of staying focused and productive whilst trying to adjust to the work from home lifestyle, along with some awesome tips and tricks that will make your productivity levels soar!

Establish a dedicated workspace

Working from your couch or kitchen table isn’t the most ideal place to work from when working from home. It may be comfortable working from these spaces, but the downside is, you aren’t allowing yourself to dive deep into a working mindset. It is important to put in place physical boundaries within your home with physical separation of your workspace and your home-space. This will not only bring you clarity of thought and focus but will also help your mind transition between work and home modes.


Now I know what you’re probably thinking – what does the ratio of 52:17 have to do with working from home? Well, it is actually the formula for perfect productivity! The ratio 52:17 represent times, where 52 minutes is the working period and 17 minutes is the break period. It has been proven by many studies that office workers who have worked 52 minutes straight with no distractions and having a 17-minute break, resulted in having a higher productivity and focus rate. It is encouraged during this 17-minute break, to get up from your desk, socialise with other family members, go for a quick walk, or use this time to fold that washing which has been on your mind all morning! The break of 17 minutes lets your mind, your attention span and your body rest, leading to a more focused and clearer mind when the next 52 minutes of work begins. You will notice your mind and body will be entirely ready to be productive again and tick off that to-do-list!

Identify when you’re most focused and productive

Figuring out when you are most productive and focused can really help you when working from home. Being at your mental best will allow you to schedule the most important and high priority tasks to be completed during these times. Whether you are an early bird or a night owl, use this time wisely to eliminate any distractions which may be around you and accomplish your most important tasks.

Resist the urge to stay in your pyjamas – get dressed!

Yes, there’s no argument about it – pyjamas are extremely comfortable; however, they are not the most suitable outfit to be wearing whilst working from home. Since Zoom calls have become a very popular method of colleague interactions whilst at home, many might be tempted to only get half dressed in the morning – business attire on top and party pyjamas below! Although it’s tempting, it is inhibiting your mindset from transitioning completely into work mode. By getting ready every morning and putting on your work clothes, you are mentally preparing yourself for a day of hard work. By wearing the right clothes, you will see a positive effect on your motivation, focus and it will also place you into a professional mindset. Get dressed, do your hair and just notice the affect on your confidence, problem solving and creative thinking. Just because we’re working from home, doesn’t mean we can’t dress up!

Workout during the day

It is scientifically proven that exercise improves mood, motivation and increases energy. Setting aside time during the day to exercise, whether its 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour can not only increase mood, motivation and energy, but it will also improve your productivity. Researchers have found that workers who did 2.5 hours of exercise per week in place of work, were just as productive or even more productive than those who didn’t exercise at all. So, get some fresh air, get your body moving, clear your mind and release that amazing dopamine, serotonin and endorphins – it’s the perfect combination to get you through that afternoon drag whilst keeping your body happy and healthy!

Only until now, when you are forced to continue working from home, do you realise how much you appreciate your office and the presence of your fellow colleagues. But this is our ‘new normal’ for the time being and these tips and tricks will help you become an expert at working from home and maintaining that focus and productivity!

If you are new to working from home, Tribe Global has release an extremely helpful checklist to follow for new remote workers. This checklist can be found here.

If you are in need of help or assistance on how you can successfully work from home, staff and members from the Gold Coast Innovation Hub will be able to help you through it. Sign up as a Virtual Member and become a part of our virtual community today!

Written by Natasha Irianto – Workspace Administrator at the Gold Coast Innovation Hub

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