Exciting Partnership Announced: GC Hub and Digital Junkies Collaborate For Shocking Growth!

The Gold Coast Innovation Hub is excited to announce its newest partnership: Gold Coast’s own Digital Junkies!

The team at Digital Junkies are pumped to collaborate on a regular basis with one of Gold Coast’s most iconic shaper and mover in the business world.

Collaboration between like-minded businesses has often been the catalyst for true brilliance – and both parties are looking forward to helping local businesses grow!

Bringing the future of CRM software to your present-day business

Introducing Joe and Nat from Digital Junkies!

Digital Junkies are well known for their expertise in the digital marketing space over the last eight years, but it is their innovative new CRM that is redefining digital marketing and expanding the horizon for potential growth.

Digital Junkies aim to fully integrate their one-of-a-kind CRM into the hub by the end of the month and automate vast amounts of their marketing and internal processes.

Digital Junkies are on a mission to help the hub team forget about the time-consuming nitty gritty, and focus on growing some of the Coast’s biggest startups!

Who are the Digital Junkies?

Digital Junkies have helped businesses both small and large grow their inbound leads and ecommerce sales through successful, creative digital marketing.

Mostly, turning leads into sales takes the shape of Google ads, SEO, Facebook ads, and Youtube ads (don’t even get them started on Tik Tok ads.)

But over the years, Digital Junkies founders and all-star dynamic duo, Joe and Lucy, quickly found that generating leads was just one piece of the puzzle.

They realized that Gold Coast businesses could very quickly become overwhelmed by the number of leads Digital Junkies were bringing in – especially if they weren’t using a CRM.

So the Digital Junkies team set to work building and designing their own CRM – Tectonic.

The last few years have seen them implement this CRM into countless businesses from a vast range of different industries and sizes.

Over time, the DJ team discovered a newfound passion in training business owners to automate processes, nurture leads, and grow their business.

All while saving business owners dozens of hours per week usually spent on outdated and manual tasks; now better spent on quality time with their family and friends!

Cutting through the noise to automate your business

Digital Junkies have spent the last eight years working with business owners to grow their business fast and stress-free.

DJ’s own CRM was designed to automate lead nurturing, email marketing, remarketing, and all admin tasks – letting business owners focus on running their business.

The CRM Tectonic was created because Digital Junkies founders Joe and Lucy understood how overwhelming it was for business owners to choose a CRM in the first place.

In the contemporary world of business, the options can be overwhelming and worse, extremely complicated.

Digital Junkies want to make the CRM choice easy and simple.

Because, at the end of the day, they also understand the challenge of learning marketing automation as a business owner can be difficult – especially when so many other responsibilities are vying for priority.

It’s for this reason that Digital Junkies is excited to join the GC Hub as a mentor – as well as partner – to help coach business owners and offer them ongoing, personalized support for automating and growing their business.

An All-In-One Solution Exclusive To GC Hub Members

Digital Junkies is excited to announce they are offering all GC Hub members up to 70% off their innovative CRM package!

This CRM package is specifically designed to amplify start-ups lead generation and sales capabilities.

It includes blazing fast Google cloud WP hosting: these speeds help your website land more leads and improve user experience.

Plus, it’s a fraction of the cost of other big name CRMs out there, letting you save more budget for lead generation.

Tectonic starts from as little as $35/month, with a free 14 day trial to let you find your footing!

Wondering if your business suits a CRM?

Digital junkies CRM – Tectonic – was designed to be flexible enough to accommodate businesses of any size.

It’s also why Digital Junkies is so excited to partner with the Innovation Hub: Tectonic is capable of helping so many businesses scale and grow, while also letting business owners regain control over their schedule.

Digital Junkies office is based inside the Hub, letting their expert team offer hands-on support to all ongoing GC Hub members.

Large Business:

Tectonic’s scalability is perfect for large, established businesses.

You can have tens of thousands of contacts organized via smart-lists and schedule regular, recurring email marketing with the click of a button.

Small Business:

Tectonic is also a powerful tool for start-ups, letting new business owners kickstart their marketing channels.

The first step in marketing is the most important: Tectonic lets start-ups nurture their leads efficiently from the moment they contact your business.

Tectonic Features

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of Digital Junkies CRM and what’s on offer for all GC Hub members.

Tectonic’s features include: 

  • Unlimited Users: your entire team can jump into the CRM and start working straight away
  • No Ceiling For Contacts: import and grow hundreds of thousands of contacts without being charged more $$$
  • Smartlists and Tagging: Organize your database by memberships, tags, and categories
  • All Standard CRM Features: same capabilities as Mailchimp and Hubspot, etc, for a fraction of the price
  • Social Media Scheduling: Schedule your organic posting schedule through the CRM dashboard and respond to comments and messages
  • Website Chatbox: did you know a support chat box increases the chance for a sale? That’s why Tectonic has its own chatbox!
  • Reputation Management: Respond to reviews and organize monthly reputation goals
  • Schedule Invoicing and Recurring Payments: Automate this manual task with reliable, prompt workflows that can be customized for each client
  • Web and Funnel Builder: Tectonic has the capability to build your businesses entire marketing funnel and even your own website and landing pages! Did we mention it can A/B test them, too?
  • Coaching and Course Creation: Create entire courses to train your staff or create ongoing passive income for your business. Tectonic will also allow you to educate leads on how to use your product or service, in a user friendly way

Keen to learn more?

The amount of CRM choices out there can sometimes be overwhelming.

Want to learn exactly how a CRM works and how to pick the right one for your business? Digital Junkies have written a helpful guide here.

Interested in learning more about Tectonic and its powerful automation capabilities? Take a look at Digital Junkies free trial here – exclusive to GC Hub members!

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