Employment Growth Confidence Strong at the GC Hub

Earlier this month we launched the Gold Coast Innovation Hub Community Survey to help us learn more about your businesses, how you have utilised our services and what areas you are looking for more support.

Results are still coming in but the early survey  results reflect a similar story to the Facebook and PWC report produced last year showing strong signs for the Gold Coast economy.

Confidence is high among Gold Coast Innovation hub community members with the total number of part-time, contract and full time jobs set to increase by 73% over the next 12 months.
Given the early stage and technical aspect of most GC Hub businesses, most of these increases will be local, with an emphasis on part time and contract roles.  There is also an appetite to increase volunteer and internship opportunities locally, which will have a positive impact on Gold Coast education institutions that are looking for work experience opportunities for local students in emerging industries.

Luke Hardy, founder of Smart Consult (Commercial solar energy solutions) was a foundation member of the GC Hub and has doubled his local workforce in the 12 months he has been part of the GC Hub community.

“Businesses and consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental and economic benefits of Solar power so it is a growth industry and an ideal company to base on the Gold Coast.”

“Since being at the GC Hub we have hired  2 new engineers and a sales consultant and have engaged a number of the businesses within the hub on a contract basis for a variety of work from IOT (Internet of Things) designs,  website development to marketing and administration.  We have also been working with other members within the space on new and more innovative approaches to large scale solar projects that could be quite disruptive to our industry even though we are already operating in a relatively new market.”

Gold Coast Innovation Hub CEO, Sharon Hunneybell said that the picture that was emerging from initial survey data was reflective of the attitude, momentum and business growth that is being fostered through the GC Hub.

“The Gold Coast Innovation Hub was built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.  Unlike any other workspace in the city, everyone that is involved in this not-for-profit organisation has experienced the highs and lows of building innovative businesses and is committed to providing a supportive environment to help other local businesses grow and thrive.  We have always anticipated strong economic outcomes from this workspace and these survey results confirm that we are very much on track”.

If you haven’t completed the community survey yet you can do it here.

If you would like to join the community and base your business at the Gold Coast Innovation Hub – apply for membership here.

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