Seven Easy Steps to Improve your Creative Collaborations

Entrepreneurship is all about creativity and innovation. As an entrepreneur you know what it feels like when that creative spark hits. Whether you were inspired to create a new piece of software, a new product or a new organisation – it all started with a small idea that made its way into your thought process and then you turned that idea into a reality.

Being able to work with people is also a large aspect of being an entrepreneur. We start with an idea, think about how it will become successful and then reach out to other entrepreneurs in search for collaborations to make the initial idea bigger and better!

Nevertheless, we have all experienced times where collaborations have failed – where people in the group have missed important deadlines or have failed to communicate. This is not a scenario that any entrepreneur wants to be in, but unfortunately, many of us have experienced failed collaborations at some point of our entrepreneurial journey.

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to be a superhero and at the end of the day, we’re really all just human. So, it’s okay if there are times where we might feel a bit stuck, isolated, unsure of which direction to take with our businesses, struggling to generate new ideas or even having the uncertainty of how to create a design system or structure that will work and be successful. This is when creative collaborations might just be the secret weapon you have been searching for!

Here are seven key ideas that will help you improve your creative collaborations and get you out of your rut!

No. 1OWNERSHIP. Members in a creative collaboration need to be empowered from the start. This empowerment leads to problem solving, generating new ideas and creating a design system that will lead the business to success.

No.2DEPENDABILITY. Members need to hit their deadlines and develop creative endurance. If you are a member of a creative collaborations group, show that you have initiative and complete your tasks on time.

No.3TRUST. When members trust one another, they work interdependently. Here they genuinely listen to one another and assume the best of each other. Over time they become transparent and even vulnerable, opening the door to deeper and more meaningful conversations and thoughts, which in turn, could lead to more innovative and creative ideas.

No. 4STRUCTURE. The structure of collaborations should be loose and flexible, but you also need to have structure in creative collaboration – it just needs to exist! Imagine a simple cube, it’s solid in structure, but there are hinges in the corners, allowing the cube to be more malleable and flexible with its shape. Design thinking with a solid yet flexible framework allows for the collaborative group to get the most out of the entire creative process.

No. 5HAVE A SHARED VISION. Now when we say ‘have a shared vision’, we’re not meaning a shared vision statement. We’re more so talking about having a shared sense of direction, a shared desire, a goal you’re all aiming for and a picture of what you will produce at the end. If everyone in the collaborative group is on the same page and share the same vision, the collaborative sessions will become extremely effective and productive.

No. 6FUN. The best collaborative groups are the ones where you want to be together because you have fun. Laughter and happiness in a collaborative group can actually boost both convergent and divergent thinking.

No.7CANDOR. Members of a collaborative group need to be honest about what is working and what is failing. This honesty allows you to adjust and iterate and ultimately create something awesome!

These seven tips not only foster collaborations, but they will also be able to assist in creating collaborations which are effective, productive and extremely innovative. As entrepreneurs, those three words – effective, productive and innovative, are the words we like to hear! So, what are you waiting for? Get your collaborative team together and start creating something awesome!

If you are struggling with what path to take next with your business or if you’re feeling unsure of how to creative a successful business design structure, then the team at the Gold Coast Innovation Hub can help you onto the right path. Contact us today at


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