GC Hub Members Win With Virtual Currency

Many years ago, back when I was working for Silicon Lakes – I started throwing around the idea of creating a virtual currency for the startup ecosystem.  A way to reimburse people who give their time and knowledge to help startups when they are pre-revenue or just getting their first few customers on board and cashflow is tight – at the time I nicknamed the currency ‘Silicoins’:)

The GC Hub has been up and running for 9 months now and the companies in the space all regularly support and collaborate with each other, which is awesome, but it again raised the question of whether there is a better way to support the exchange of services that occurs in these #givefirst communities?

Now we have the answer –BARTERCARD – the original alternate currency!

The team at Bartercard have been a great partner to the Gold Coast Innovation Hub, trade dollars have been used to purchase everything from building services, transport, pizzas, food platters, TV screens – the list goes on.

We are now able to offer our members an exclusive offer to get on board and start trading with each other using Bartercard.  As a GC Hub member not only will you have no monthly account keeping fees to pay, but you will also get T$1000 starting credit added to your account!

We will be accepting trade dollars at the café, for selected workshops and for training room and event space bookings.  You can also spend your trade dollars with the thousands of other traders on the platform.

Raymond is looking after all of the GC Hub bartercard accounts, so for more information and an application form contact raymond.tekii@bartercard.com.

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